This user interface (UI) is purely a tool for displaying data from, and interacting with the Solana blockchain. It displays the data held within on-chain programs and accounts in a human-readable format. Combined with a blockchain wallet, the UI can also help users fill in transaction data which users need to interact with on-chain programs. Users interact with the UI by connecting their blockchain wallet through the official Solana Wallet Adapter. We do not record or store any user data.
Viewing data on a blockchain and executing transactions on the Solana blockchain is currently not illegal in any country, however users should be informed of the laws in their current location, including laws on tax and capital gains, cryptocurrency, wagering, money laundering regulations, and other online activity. Some countries have very strict laws regarding wagering on sports and other markets. We believe users in those countries should avoid using Purebet's services, however there is no way to implement geoblocking on a blockchain, so they do so at their own risk.

By continuing to the exchange, you confirm you have read and understand the above message. You use the Purebet UI at your own risk.
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